By the time I get to Phoenix, she値l be rising

Sheエll find the note I left hanging out on her door.

She値l laugh when she reads the part that says Iエm leaving

Cause Iエve left that girl so many times before.

By the time I make Albuquerque, she値l be working - working.

She値l probably stop at lunch and give me a call - a call.

But she値l just hear the phone keep on ring - keep on ring.

Off the wall, thatエs all.

By the time I make Oklahoma, she値l be sleeping - sleeping.

Sheエll turn softly and call my name out low - out low.

And she値l cry just to think I壇 really leave her

Though time and time Iエve tried to tell her so.

She just didn稚 know - du-du, du-du-du.

I would really go!

I would really go!

Du, bi-du, bi-du, bi-du.