Dear father, we dream, we dream, we dream while we may
Who are dreaming to need, we need, we need while we wait, while we wait.

Lost on a painted sky where the clouds are hung

For the poet's eye you may find him, if you may find him.

There on a distant shore by the wings of dreams through an open door,

You may know him if you may be as a page that aches for a word

Which speaks on a theme that is timeless

While the Sun God will make for your day.

Oh, we dance (Dear Father) to a whispered voice (we dream) overheard by the soul

Undertook by the heart (we dream) and you may know it (we dream) if you may know it
While the sand (Dear Father) would become the stone (we need)

Which begat the spark turned to living bone (we need)

Holy, holy (we need) Sanctus, sanctus
Be! (Dear Father, we dream)

Start you´re finding your way!