Please take your medicine, dear world,
Please keep your pressure down, dear world.
Promise to thrive on each word your doctor speaks,
He'll bring the roses back to your cheeks.
For you've been a pallid and blah world,
Stick out your tongue and say "Ahh," world.
We'll give you plasma and tonic by the spoon,
So be a dear world,
Take your medicine, dear world,
Keep your pressure down, dear world,
And get well soon!

(Instrumental break)

Someone has wounded you, dear world,
Someone has poisoned you, dear world.
And those who love you defiantly insist
That you get off that critical list.
So make your recovery quick, world,
We're sick of having a sick world.
We want you dancing tomorrow afternoon,
So, be a dear world,
Keep your fever down, dear world,
Keep your courage up, dear world.
And get well soon!