How do I feel when you are here? Fantastico!

The feelings Iīm with when you are near. Fantastico!

Iīve never felt like this before

Each day I love you more and more

Fantastico! Fantastico!

How do I feel when I hear your name? Fantastico!

Each time I see you itīs the same. Fantastico!

Itīs something I canīt quite describe

The feelingīs way down deep inside

Fantastico! Fantastico!

Letīs not let it die, letīs give the try

The feeling that I have for you is real

The love I have is strong, surely itīs not wrong

Trusting me, the future will reveal.

Together our life could be so great! Fantastico!

Letīs give the try before itīs too late! Fantastico!

I wanna make you feel like I do

And I wanna hear you say it too.

Fantastico! Fantastico! Fantastico!

With you! With you! With you! With you!