I had to make you hear today

Thereīs just so many things to say

Please, donīt stop me tell all true

This is something I hate to do.

Weīve been waiting hear so long

I guess what we did was wrong

Please, darling, donīt you cry

Letīs just kiss and say good-bye.

Many months have passed us by

Iīm gonna miss you, I canīt lie

Iīve got ties and so you

I just think this is the thing to do.

Itīs gonna hurt me, I canīt lie

Maybe Iīll be another guy

Understand me, wonīt you try, try, try, try, try, try, try

Letīs just kiss and say goodbye.

Many years have passed us by

Maybe you will find, you will find another guy

Take my hand until you could wipe your eyes

Please, donīt you cry.

Understand me, wonīt you try?

Letīs just kiss and say good-bye!