You coax the blues right out of the horn, Mame!

You charm the husk right off of the corn, Mame!

You've got the banjoes strummin' and plunkin' out a tune to beat the band.

The whole plantation's hummin' since you brought Dixie back to Dixieland.

You make the cotton easy to pick, Mame!

You give my old mint julep a kick, Mame!

Who ever thought a Yankee would put a little Dixie down to shame.

You've made us feel alive again, you've given us the drive again.

To make the south revive again, Mame!

You've brought the cake-walk back into style, Mame!

You make the weepin' willow tree smile, Mame!

Your skin is Dixie satin, there's rebel in your manner and your speech.

You may be from Manhattan, Georgia never had a sweeter peach.

You make our black-eyed peas and our grits Mame!

Seem like the bill-of-fare at the Ritz, Mame!

You came, you saw, you conquered and absolutely nothing is the same.

Your special fascination'll prove to be inspirational.

We think you're just sensational.

Mame! Mame! Mame! Mame! Mame!