Evírybody is going out and haviní fun.

Iím just a fool for stayiní home and haviní none.

I canít get over how she set me free.

Oh, lonesome me!


A bad mistake Iím making by just hanginí Ďround.

I know that I should have some fun and paint the town.

A lovesick fool thatís blind and just canít see.

Oh, lonesome me!


Iíll beg sheís not like me. 

Sheís out and fancy free.

Flirting with the boys with all her charms. 


But I still love him so.

And brother, donít you know,

Iíd welcome him right back here in my arms?


 NoNoNow, there must be someway I can lose his lonesome blues

Forget about the past and find somebody new

Iíve thought of evīrything from A to Z


Oh, lonesome me!

Oh, lonesome me!

Oh, lonesome me!